The mainstream models for raising capital leave out vast, untapped numbers of people who want to invest in the businesses and organizations that provide real value in the real world. We are leading a movement that is bringing new capital ­ by directly engaging more people as investors ­ to the new economy ­ an economy that is resilient, just, and sustainable. This movement of "new capitalists" is questioning the old paradigms and bringing new models to the table that expand the capital raising options for social enterprises that are more democratic and values­driven.These models allow all stakeholders to benefit as ventures thrive­ not just investors.

We don´t believe in a ­one size fits all­ capital raising solution ­ instead we bring our experience, legal knowledge, and passion to help our clients determine the best way to achieve their goals.

In addition to helping social ventures raise capital, we also work to create and develop the capital markets tools, such as secondary markets, markets for the regulation of resource use, financial markets for investment in local food systems, and tools for aggregating community capital, needed to shape a truly resilient economic ecosystem.

As an entrepreneur, it can be quite overwhelming to evaluate your options for raising capital. You might be surprised to find that there are options for raising capital that you may have never heard of. We can help you make sense of all of the options and find the one that makes sense for you.

UMELUSI CAPITAL provides advisory services with respect to equity financing, debt financing and corporate restructuring to emerging and middle market clients. Clients benefit from our diverse, multi-sector and Pan African experience advising clients on their financing strategies, developing professional documentation, and successfully securing capital. We are fast developing proven methodology for raising debt and equity capital. We create compelling investor marketing materials, develop comprehensive investor lists, and work creatively and tirelessly to initiate, negotiate and close financing transactions. In addition, we provide valuable strategic insights throughout the fundraising process.


Feasibility Assessments our experts in law, geology, economics, urban development, Forex and finance have a long track record in feasibility and assessment assessments in projects across diverse industries. We understand the importance of using the correct mix of quantitative analysis, economic, geological, and legal, IT and commercial assessments in making future investment and strategy decisions. We utilize multi- disciplinary teams to assess opportunities and provide professional opinion with respect to the assignment at hand.

Capital is experienced in the investment field and where our management team has substantial knowledge and experience as well as a strong global network. We have cultivated long-standing relationships with major players in global capital markets including commercial banks, brokerage firms, fund managers and government departments in various jurisdictions.

We continue to invest in building specialist industry knowledge within the team and have established extensive relationships with government, regulatory bodies and industry groups, enabling us to facilitate clear communication with public agencies on behalf of our clients.

Building on these relationships and leveraging our well established global network, we are able to assist our clients in different areas including identifying investment opportunities, performing due diligence and accessing Initial Public Offering (­IPO­) issues via our affiliates dealing on securities platform.